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To Build A People

Specific Circumstances Requires Specific Solutions

On December 1st, 1955 a black woman by the name of Rosa Parks made the decision to no longer be a victim of injustice.  She decided and refused to surrender her seat to a white man and by doing so set in motion a movement, called the Montgomery Bus Boycott, that approximately a year later would lead to a United States Supreme Court decision declaring the Alabama and Montgomery bus segregation laws to be unconstitutional.  Rosa Parks great sacrifice and courage of refusing to move, which also led to her arrest, not only represented a stand for equal rights, but it also set free the ideal of how powerful the "black dollar" is in America.  Because of the absence of the "black dollar" the Montgomery Bus System almost came to a complete halt, forcing administrations to give in to the demands of equal justice.  This event made evident that the "black dollar" can direct change when pooled together for a common cause.

This ideal, however, has somehow lost it's strength when it comes to our present day black communities.  It is estimated that in America the black community as a whole spends approximately 1 trillion dollars in consumer goods and services each year.  The most unfortunate and alarming fact about this statistic is that very little, if any, of this money is ever recycled back into black communities; monies that could improve our schools, neighborhoods, health programs and so much more.

Thus, the question that needs to be asked is WHY

Why are we as a people so comfortable in giving our trillion dollars yearly to companies and organizations that in return do so little to help build our black communities? is dedicated to not only providing quality ties but to also and more importantly set free, once again, the ideal that the "black dollar" in America has great power and that it can be directed to make our own positive changes within our communities.  This ideal can be revitalized in our present day and with your purchase and voting participation we can begin recycling at least a portion of our monies back into our own communities.

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